Asked by danim freelander. Drag and drop of either text or files between local workstation and sessions or between two unique sessions is not supported.

Copy and paste of text between local workstation and sessions or between two unique sessions is supported. Copy and paste of files between two shared sessions is supported. If you want to copy files that are on the endpoint to the XenApp session, you'll need to configure drive rmapping CDM by policy. You can then drag and drop files from the local or network-mapped drive redirected into the session. Hope that helps explain.

Yes it can and by default should be enabled. It's controllable through a policy and its called Client clipboard redirection, it was called clipboard mapping on previous versions, where the local client clipboard is mapped to the remote session. It''s found under ICA policy settings. Edited by: James Saunders on Nov And I've been playing with the policies without luck.

Can you copy files using the clipboard? Hey, Its time now for Citrix to take this feature seriously. Since we all know this feature has been working in RDP for many years I cant see why they cant figure out how to get it to work.

We need to push Citrix to change this and add this feature ASAP since RDP now is getting better and better and its embarrasing to tell my customers that Citrix is sooo much better but they you cant copy local files directly to Citrix. This is causing ALOT of frustration for our customers. So please everyone who sees and reads this, post a reply!!! I have migrated many users recently, and they are disapointed over this lack of feature Is it impossible to copy files from a local client to a published desktop not using redirected drives?

Workstation to Server File paste does work but only if the same user ID is used to launch both the workstation and citrix session. If the accounts are different then the paste operation to the XA server fails without error. Possibly related to the higher levels of security inherent in r2. Hi, are the any news about this topic? We are having XA6. Hello, with old Presentation Server Farm 4.

New XenApp 6. Anyone known a workaround to make it working?? This is not a all a serious problem. Ideally any of the policy which is set within the Citrix should get applied during the ICA session for the users, however sometimes it doesn't work.

The culprit could be a installed application on the XenApp. I have had the same issue in the past and I have resolved it by playing around with Environmental Varialbles in Windows. Please ensure that all the Windows and Citrix environmental variables will be there at first and then the application variables. This should help you to resolve this Clip Board mapping issue. Regards Nitin Lal. I didn't realize this was even an option.

Can you describe the functionality where you would be able to copy and paste from the client to the server? You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Ask question. Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting.Copy-and-paste functions in EHRs have long been questioned as a shortcut that can lead to inaccuracies and patient safety threats in electronic records.

The Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety worked with a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders to develop the following four best practices and recommendations for copying and pasting health information in EHRs. Ensure it is easy to access the original material and information that is being copied and pasted. Provide adequate staff training and education about safe and appropriate use of copy and paste.

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Are there workarounds or tricks to bypass this limitation? We don't have permissions to change any settings on the machine, so the easiest way is to use an online notepad. I've encountered the same problem and have a partial somewhat contrived solution. It allows me to get a little more than 1kb of text from sandboxed Internet Explorer instance. Create it in greatest possible resolution and open it.

Take a screenshot of the window on the clipboard by pressing Alt-PrtScr. I was running on a similar situation but in my case I was trying to copy files from remote Windows to local. You would need to defined it in the Citrix policy to only restricted or not restrict based on certain conditions.

The answer would also depend on the direction you are coming from? As a user trying to circumvent the system, or a tech trying to have a select group of users approved to do so. Given that modern mobiles phones can do online or offline OCR you could take a photo with your mobile phone and OCR it with apps like Google Translate which does include the untranslated original text Google Goggles and other android options.

There is even an open-source android port of Tesseract which requires building from source. There are some options for IOS too although I have not used any of them. Screenshots made on the host computer running the Citrix client will be much better recognized than mobile photos, so for bigger texts that require better quality you might consider doing the OCR on the host machine rather than on the mobile.

Try it out. You lose any formatting, but then you just send more happy thoughts to the clipboard-cutting-genius. Learn more. Asked 8 years, 3 months ago.

Active 7 months ago. Viewed 65k times. Kottan Kottan 4, 8 8 gold badges 37 37 silver badges 67 67 bronze badges. Citrix is a plague. I never had a so bad experience with remote access than any other competitors product. I share your pain. Active Oldest Votes.

JamesDill JamesDill 1, 14 14 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. The trouble with shrib. I also found itextpad. Found cl1p. It requires you to append a custom path and works one-time only, after that the text is deleted.Best practice with script automation is to avoid mouse-clicks and utilize the keyboard whenever possible. While experienced scripters can navigate an automation tool, they often times are not familiar with MEDITECH or how to invoke action utilizing the keyboard, myself included.

Anybody can click a mouse but it takes a savvy user to streamline the experience utilizing the keyboard! Whether it is navigating a screen, keying in some data, or simply hitting an enter key, the keyboard shortcuts below will make your scripts more dependable but also the writing process more efficient.

We all get by with a little help from our friends, in my case it was co-workers and investigation. Good for deletions. This can be very helpful while developing scripts in SST. This is helpful when simply tabbing out of a field auto-fills other fields. After hitting F8, the focus is moved to the outside menu on the right hand side. It will land on the top menu item located here in this case Back. This shortcut key can be very handy when developing a script and you want to ensure the process is working without committing the data.

Key in T Current date minus x number of days in future E. You are encouraged to Share This with coworkers: facebook twitter linkedin pinterest Email.

Related Posts. April 3rd, 0 Comments. March 23rd, 0 Comments. March 17th, 0 Comments. March 16th, 0 Comments.Our organization is transitioning to Meditech 6. Our facility has Meditech.

Everything flows back and forth from Meditech to ezDI. They respond to query and sign. Are your queries permanent parts of the record? When they get that pop up on sign in that says "you have documents that need to be signed", our queries are there and are located under the "reports" tab. We also have our templates build into the system. August in CDI Management. August September I've been on Meditech for 2 years. There is a function that allows querying, but it is labor-intensive for the MD's.

I have never had CDS software. I am in a rural hospital non critical access, thoughso I attend huddle every morning and do mostly verbal queries. Thankfully, we are switching to epic in 9 months. I can send you our process. We are on the same system.

Our EMR is Meditech. Vickie Smith Adena Health System. Vickie, Are your queries permanent parts of the record? April, Can you reach out to me or post your contact info so I can reach you to discuss your process? Thank you so much! September edited September We are just in the beginning stages of this and I want to ensure our query process is built into our processes as we make this functional for our department.

April Floyd afloyd andersonregional. Sign In or Register to comment.Josh Green. Photo: GE Healthcare. Skip to main content. EHR copy and paste?

Copy & paste in Meditech

Better think twice. It goes through other systems. It gets sent to other care providers; it gets sent to insurance companies.

By Erin McCann October 08, Who would have thought that something so simple as copy and paste could have such serious consequences? And the government agrees -- it's no laughing matter. It's become such a compliance and payment problem that the U. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius together with Attorney General Eric Holder wrote a letter last year to industry medical groups underscoring the seriousness of doctors "gaming the system, possibly to obtain payments to which they are not entitled.

The two agency officials also reaffirmed the government audits for identifying improper billing practices. In Warner's opinion, most physicians are not trying to "game the system" but rather are trying to simplify their workload that has already been inundated with new compliance regulations. Nonetheless, this doesn't excuse carelessness. She recalled an incident at her previous medical group where a patient went from having a family history of breast cancer to having a history of breast cancer, all from copy and paste errors.

It was a nightmare, said Warner, and took months to fully resolve. We had to then find all the records that it got copy and pasted into" incorrectly. Then, they had to track down all the locations they sent that information. It gets sent to other care providers; it gets sent to insurance companies," added Warner.

The Office of Inspector General will also be on the lookout for these abuses, as they affirmed in their work plan. Generally, the function can be used for copying patient regular medications, long standing allergies, demographics, problem list and labs and treatments if they're ongoing.

Using the functionality appropriately is key, and just as important is educating staff, conducting internal audits and actively crafting effective policies. More regional news. Perinatal mental health lacks awareness, needs funding, report says. April 17, Related Content.I'm just training on an old version of Meditech, I think it's V 4. I don't see any way to block text or copy and paste. My trainer isn't familiar with this version, either.

Does anyone know how to do it?

Meditech copy and paste - madrascat

Strike Fl, you will hear a beepmove the cursor to the end of the text you wish to change and strike F2. Toggle navigation. Meditech copy and paste - madrascat Posted: Nov 11, I'm just training on an old version of Meditech, I think it's V 4.

MediTech keyboard commands - deenibeeni [ In Reply To.

pasting in meditech

Jul 29, I want to type in Word and paste into MediTech, which is hard to type in. Does anyone know how to do this?

pasting in meditech

Right now the text I "paste" onto the clipboard in Word does not paste into MediTech. Copy And Paste In Editscript Aug 19, I used to be able to copy and paste with no problem, but for the last couple of nights I have not been able to paste. I have no problem when I close the program and just use Word, just won't work in Edisscript. Which leads me to believe they did something to stop us from copy and pasting. Anyone know how to fix this?

I have Word Copy And Paste In Email.

pasting in meditech

Jan 22, How do you copy and paste in World Client. For some reason, it won't let me use that function. Is there some kind of a trick?

What the heck! By right clicking, it is saving me from having to "retype" everything that I am confirming. Has anyone else run into this? I know the basics of creating a macro in Word but cannot for the life of me figure out how to create a macro to do this: I want to copy text, i. Jun 25, Can anyone who works with Fox Transcribe tell me if you can copy and paste from word to word pad? Since word pad does not have spell check OR auto correct, I wondered about that. Thank you! Cut And Paste Jun 05, I really need someone to answer this.

I have been accused of adding spaces to my documents, but my argument is that cutting and pasting the doctor's templates in a document used over and over changing any parts he wants changed is adding spaces. I did not do this on purpose.

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