The Workshop is your guide to services and procedures to keep your NSR in 'tip-top' condition. Additional specialist information can be found in the Technical Resources section. Full schematic diagrams and part numbers, courtesy of Honda Motor Corp. NOTE: When purchasing spare parts we always recommend that you contact an authorised Honda reseller so that you get only genuine products. Full Engine Rebuild. A comprehensive rebuild from the crank up.

This article is currently in production for release in early December.

nsr 125 wiring diagram

Detailed photos and 'print friendly' diagrams, plus parts listings, torque settings, and various hints and tips, will provide a simple step-by-step rebuild of the NSR motor. Conversion Factors:. Special thanks to Haynes Publishing for permission to reproduce the tables. Special thanks to Joe Lippo for the translation. Ignition system fault-finding chart.

Special thanks to Electrex-USA for allowing us to reproduce their superbly comprehensive, yet easy to follow, ignition fault-finding chart. The chart is a PDF file, so either "right-click" and choose "Save as" from the menu, or the page will open an Adobe Acrobat page in your browser. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from here. Additional information including standard carb setups for all NSR models, oil pump setting, and more! Conversion Factors: A comprehansive list to convert imperial to metric and back again!

Technical Resources. NSR Maintenance Schedule:.At first it was a joint amateur project, which they did in their free time. The first president of the corporation was Walter Davidson. So the famous V-Twin engine appeared, which later became the Harley brand name. So from the first day of the company's existence, the main criterion for work has become the durability of the products. However, this does not save Harley Davidson from a sharp drop in sales due to increased competition due to increased imports in the s.

The quality of the machines began to improve due to the use of Japanese production methods and unusual technical solutions. The company produced motorcycles in retro style, which also brought them great popularity. They are made to order, and the ordered model has to wait several months.

Harley-Davidson Iron JPG Image Adobe Acrobat Document 4. Harley Davidson Sportster Transmission S. Adobe Acrobat Document 5. Adobe Acrobat Document 2. Adobe Acrobat Document 8. Harley Davidson Custom Owner's Manual. Adobe Acrobat Document 1. Harley-Davidson Nightster Owner's Manual. Harley Davidson vrsca-electrical-wiring-diagram.

Yamaha Dt 125 Re Wiring Diagram

Portable Network Image Format Harley Davidson Sportster Workshop Servi. Harley Davidson Sportster Lubrication Ma. Adobe Acrobat Document 3.

honda nsr 125 r wiring diagram hd quality schematic

Adobe Acrobat Document 6. Harley Davidson Blackline Owner's Manual. Harley-Davidson Iron Owner's Manual. Harley-Davidson Rocker Owner's Manual. History of Harley Davidson Motorcycles.Example 1. Example 2. Example 3. NOTE: This is a huge site and contains almost every Honda service manual ever produced, if you do not get results from the searh box you may have to try a different combination of words. Do-It-Yourself and fix your problems now, enjoy! The purpose of the clutch is to smoothly disengage and engage the engine from the rear wheel for starting, stopping and shifting gears.

The clutch is a wet, multiple-disc clutch with steel plates and fiber friction plates stacked alternately in the clutch shell. The pack consists of seven fiber plates, seven steel plates, one narrow fiber plate, one damper spring and one damper spring seat. The fiber plates clutch driving plates are keyed to the clutch shell, which is driven by the engine through the primary chain.

The steel plates clutch driven plates are keyed to the clutch hub, which drives the rear wheel through the transmission and secondary drive belt. When the clutch is engaged clutch lever releasedthe diaphragm spring applies strong force against the pressure plate. The pressure plate then presses the clutch plates together causing the plates to turn as a single unit.

The result is that the rotational force of the clutch shell is transmitted through the clutch plates to the clutch hub.

honda nsr 125 r wiring diagram hd quality schematic

As long as the transmission is set in a forward gear, power from the engine will be transmitted to the rear wheel. When the clutch is disengaged clutch lever pulled to left handlebar gripthe pressure plate is pulled outward by clutch cable action against the diaphragm spring, thereby compressing the diaphragm spring.

With the pressure plate retracted, strong inward force no longer squeezes the clutch plates together.

Honda NX250 Shop Manual

The fiber plates are now free to rotate at a different relative speed than that of the steel plates i. Slippage between the clutch plates occurs.

The result is that the rotational force of the clutch shell is no longer fully transmitted through the "unlocked" clutch plates to the clutch hub. The engine is free to rotate at a different speed than the rear wheel. Satisfactory engine performance depends upon a mechanically sound engine. In many cases, unsatisfactory performance is caused by combustion chamber leakage. A compression test can help determine the source of cylinder leakage.

A proper compression test should be performed with the engine at normal operating temperature when possible. Disconnect spark plug wires.

Clean around spark plug base and remove spark plugs. HD to front cylinder per manufacturer's instructions. Make sure transmission is in neutral. With throttle plate in wide open position, crank engine continuously through 5 to 7 full compression strokes. Note gauge readings at the end of the first and last compression strokes. Record test results. Compression is normal if final readings are within the range specified in Tableand do not indicate more than a 10 psi 0.

If compression is below psi 6. Readings that are considerably higher during the second test indicate worn piston rings. NOTE: After completing the compression test s and reinstalling the spark plugs, make sure the throttle plate is in the closed position before starting the engine. Compression low on first stroke, tends to build up on the following strokes, but does not reach normal. Improves considerably when oil is added to cylinder.Search: Enter a keyword to search over 12, manuals :.

Filter key. Filter all manuals by honda Use the search field to filter more precisely, define year and model! Honda XL XL Shop Service Manual download torque specifications, service data, wiring diagram, supplement Tags: honda xl xl xl xl shop service manual Click on the green download button to start.

These manuals will. It is exactly the same manual all the mechanics use.

Honda CB superfour workshop manual download of your manual, please contact us. Free support. Honda Hornet cbF service manual comes in digital pdf form and contains pages.

It is a step-by-step guide on how to do your own repairs. This manual is the same. Perfect for the DIY person! This file holds. There are no shipping costs. There are no missing or corrupted pages, chapters or sections.

We have one of the largest stores for Honda manuals. We sell. This file holds of high quality diagrams and instructions on how to service and repair your motorcycle. This file holds of high quality diagrams and instructions on how to service and repair your Honda CBR R service manual complete tear down and rebuild, pictures and part diagrams, torque specifications, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.

You name it and its in here. Honda CBR Honda CB Service Manual Download showing complete procedures of disassembly and reassembly. Includes photos, electrical info, wiring diagrams, tune up instructions, fuel. This file holds of high quality diagrams and instructions on how to service and repair your Honda GLC. We have one of the largest stores for Honda. If you. GX Honda 9. This Honda Rancher repair manual was prepared to suite the needs of individuals who poses basic knowledge in electrical.And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

Every one of them, bar none. Without a Wiring System there will be no light. No ignition either. The Simplest Wiring System has just four parts. A Power Source. Such as a Battery or power from Source Coils under a Flywheel.

A Hot Wire to the Power Destination. A Power Destination or Load Device. A Power Return. A Ground wire or Ground to a frame. From here the skies the limit. The complication can be almost unbelievable.

However, if we want all the fun stuff we put on our Motorcycles to work, we have to have what is essentially a combination of many different wiring systems. To fix a fault in this mess of wiring we need to remember each system is separate. While these Wiring Diagrams may seem confusing there is a method to their madness.

In fact, there can be several methods to the madness, so to speak.

Motorcycle Manuals PDF, Wiring Diagrams, DTC

Some have the wires drawn with the appropriate color. Others have Fortunately, things have gotten better over the years. I remember way back in working on an Austin-Healey Sprite sports car, which they tell me is the same as an MG Midget sports car, while I was in the army. Seems to me it was a or 66 model. All the wires were one color, white.Table of Contents. Page Hydraulic Brake Do not allow foreign material to enter the system when filling the reservoir.

Always check brake operation hefore riding the motorcycle. Dis- card contaminated pads and clean the disc with a high quality brake degreasing agent.

Connect the bleed hose to the bleed valve and bleed the system as follows: NOTE - Do not release the brake lever until the bleed valve has been closed. Install new pads in the caliper. Install the pad pin and tighten it to the specified torque.

Placea rag over these parts whenever the system is serviced. Remove the rear view mirror. Loosen the brake hose joint nut and disconnect the brake hose from the joint. Check the master cylinder and piston for scoring or other dam- age. Measure the master cylinder inside diameter.

Align the end of the master cylinder with the punch mark on the handlebar, and tighten the upper bolt first, then tighten the lower bolt. Install the pad spring. Page Remove the seat by pulling it backward. Install the 3eat in the reverse order of removal. Remove the socket bolts and nuts. Remove the rear carrier assembly by pulling upward white spreading both lower ends. This provides an accurate determination of the battery condition — good Igreenfair yellowor poor red.

Page 0. Turn the power switch OFF. Set the Battery Amp. Turn the ignition switch OFF. Remove the negative cable from the battery. Wear clean gloves when installing the halogen bulb. If you do touch the bulb with bare hands, clean it with an alcohol- moistened cloth before installing it in the case.Lots of people charge for motorcycle service and workshop manuals online which is a bit cheeky I reckon as they are freely available all over the internet.

Have something to add? Come and say hi on Facebook. Classic-Aprilia Moto 6 5 Maintenance Manual. Classic-Fantic Classic-Fantic Trial Classic-Kawasaki Z1 Parts Manual pages. Classic-Triumph T cc -Owner's Handbook. Classic-Yamaha ds7 rd r5c rd Service manual.

Harley Davidson Touring Service Manuals.

Honda NSR125R - Review (2004)

Harley Davidson sportster troubleshooting manual. Harley Davidson - Softail Service Manual. Harley-Davidson SIP. Harley Davidson Softail Service Manual opt. Harley Davidson Parts Manual All cc.

Harley-davidson Electra super Service. Harley Davidson Electrical Diagnostics Manual. Harley Davidson Electrical Diagnostic Manual. Harley Davidsonsportster-electrical-diagnostic-manual. Harley Davidsonsportster-service-manual. Harley Davidson Sportster Service Manual. Harley Davidson Electra super Service. Harley-Davidson Service Manual Honda xl-xrxrrepair-manual. Lambretta - How to wire a Lambretta 12 volt conversion. Lambretta How to wire a Lambretta 12 volt conversion.

Piaggio Ciao Manuale per stazioni di servizio. Piaggio Vespa anni 60 70 ita Manuale Officina.

honda nsr 125 r wiring diagram hd quality schematic

Royal Enfield Himalayan-euro-iv-vehicule-service-manual.

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