When it comes to the senses, many humans only utilize five, and those include sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. For some though, there is another type of sense, and this is the intuitive sense. There are four intuitive senses in total, including clairvoyance or clear seeing, clairaudience or clear hearingclairsentience or clear feeling, and claircognizance, which means clear knowing.

These senses work with the physical senses and increase their abilities. Claircognizant people may experience more than one psychic ability. It is possible to possess all four intuitive senses as one individual person.

It can be difficult to distinguish between a gut feeling and claircognizance. Many people have instincts that may lead them in the right direction, but those with the gift of claircognizance are able to know things consistently without any evidence whatsoever. They are able to be consistently correct when it comes to predictions about future events or insights into intentions or the truth of a situation.

claircognizant empath

We all as humans have instincts. Some of these instincts come from the way we were raised and our past experience, some come genetically, and some come as a result of spiritual connections. These gut instincts, if simply based on past experience are not always right. The instinct to not trust dogs because one harmed you as a child is an instinct that is valuable and logical, but not always correct. Not every dog is violent.

For someone with claircognizance though, instincts and gut feelings are a gift of truth. If your gut instincts are continually proven true, you may have the gift of claircognizance. No matter how great this girl is or how kind your coworker is being, if you have claircognizance, you can always spot a little white lie.

Even when someone is simply being insincere with his or her sentiments or expressions of emotion, someone with claircognizance is able to notice these insincerities.

Meanings of the "Clairs"

It is easy for the people in your life to trust your suggestions or ideas about people if you are claircognizant because of your ability to know whether people are telling the truth or not has been proven true over and over again. If the feeling of knowing that someone is being disingenuous or purposefully false continues to be proven true later, and if those feelings of knowing were based on gut feelings rather than factual evidence and physical senses, then you are most likely experiencing the gifts of being a claircognizant individual.

Someone with the gift of claircognizance as a psychic ability will occasionally have a truth gifted to you through a sudden, seemingly random thought or idea. If following through with these thoughts ends up preventing you from very real consequences or repercussions, then you may have the gift of claircognizance.

This means you may not know when these messages will come in, or exactly what they mean all the time, but when they do come it is a good idea to observe them and to ensure that whatever your gut is trying to warn you about is prevented from happening.

Waking up with a solution to a problem is another indicator of claircognizance, as it indicates that your gut is working even when your brain is not. Without evidence needed to find a solution, your gut is able to know the answer to the problem. This is the quintessential ability associated with claircognizance. Beyond the logic and evidence of a given situation, claircognizant individuals who were given the psychic gift of intuitive senses as well as physical ones are able to know the outcome of a situation often before the situation occurs or provides enough physical evidence to infer the outcome.

Most decision making and conclusion drawing have came from physical evidence based on physical senses like sight or smell.

Claircognizant Traits: The Signs of Clear Knowing

With claircognizance though, it is possible to make informed decisions about the outcome of a situation without this evidence. These individuals can simply know.People with the psychic ability of claircognizance KNOW certain things… without logic or reason.

Those with clairsentience can feel that insurance brokers dishonesty, and those with claircognizance just know he is dishonest. For example, your sister-in-law may get a scary diagnosis from the doctor, but you just KNOW she is going to be okay. Hover over the image to save it to Pinterest :. But also, claircognizance messages do really feel like a gut feeling that come straight from your gut or solar plexus! When someone with psychic knowing is grabbing their keys to head off to work, they may immediately know that their normal route to the office is backed up.

Meaning, you probably were thinking about if you had time to stop by your favorite coffee spot on your way to work more than if there was an accident on the freeway. Whether the problem was a schedule conflict or world peace, claircognizant people get a deep sense of inner knowing that solves problems in insightful ways. Claircognizant messages, like most intuitive messages, come from Spirit Guidesyour spiritual team, or your Higher Self.

So the roads are really bad right now… no one in your house was about to start driving! The good news is that you are receiving the claircognizant message. The meanings will come in time. Until then, trust that your claircognizance is only being used for your highest good. Do you feel like this article was written for you?

4 types of PSYCHIC EMPATH - Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient & Claircognizant

If so, claircognizance might be one of your psychic abilities. Either way, people with claircognizance have a nose for dishonesty even when they have no proof. They can spot it a two miles away, wearing black, at night! Some people wake up from a dream craving the chocolate cake they were about to dig into. But if you wake up with now seemingly obvious solutions do your biggest problems, you may have the gift of inner knowing.

That allows intuitive messages to breakthrough and solve whatever has been plaguing you during the day. You race over to help, see his pup with a sorry look on his face, and get the feeling a trip to the vet is in order. That seemingly out of the blue and random message to check on grandpa was actually a claircognizance experience! While for some people, claircognizance is the way they primarily receive intuitive information, others have additional psychic abilities.

In fact, claircognizance saved my husband and his co workers lives. Without logic, he just KNEW that everyone in the vehicle he was in needed to buckle up. Minutes later, their truck was struck with such force that the seat he was in broke in half! Omg… seems so simple, right? If only, right? Honestly, one of the best ways to start developing your psychic abilities is to acknowledge that they exist!

But after awhile, your claircognizance will kick in and tell you what your Higher Self wants you to know. I know, I sound like a broken record, but meditating works! Inner knowing requires that you are in tune with your brain.

Option 1: Visualize yourself being super in-tune with your claircognizance. You know when your Rx is ready without them sending you a text, you know that your daughter needs some homework help without seeing her struggle, and you know that your husband is coming home early from work so you can make his favorite dinner.

Imagine providing inner knowledge to everyone you love, and knowing things that continue to enrich your life. Option 2: Visualize opening your crown chakra the one at the top of your head and most connected to the universe.

Close your eyes, and bring your focus to the crown of your head. Imagine it opening up and receiving information from Spirit and the Universe.Everyone is born with the ability to intuit information different ways.

The most commonly known type of psychic gift is clairvoyance, which is clear seeing. However, there are other ways to perceive info, such as clauraudience clear hearing or even claircognizance clear knowingthe latter of which is often used in tandem with clairsentience.

You are very sensitive to your feelings. People often call you their personal therapist, or come to you for advice or help.

You are fascinated by things that are ancient or historical. You have an extraordinary ability to empathizeto the point that you can even put yourself in the mindset of people whom you disagree with strongly, or who have hurt you in the past. In this, you can find true healing and compassion.

This is because you can perceive how they would best connect or resonate with you. You have always struggled with your emotions in your life.

You become uncomfortable in cluttered, dark spaces, and always gravitate toward areas that are naturally bright and airy. This is because you can perceive the vibration in any given area, and understand that the darker and more crowded it is, the heavier the energy is.

You are constantly theorizing about why things happen, and what their ultimate purpose could be. You understand that everyone and everything alive is inherently an energy fieldand that the way people control, process and use their energy creates their feeling state.

Therefore, you are very careful about what you say, and what you do. Most people are able to just ignore those discomforts as they arise, but because you cannot, you are forced to heal them, and learn from them.

You have an abundance of wisdom given your age. You are somewhat ahead of your time in that you have understood quantum or spiritual concepts long before other people began to realize the significance and impact of them.

Growing up, you always knew that you were different. You had an active and vivid imagination, and seemed to think and behave in a way that was sort of foreign to your peers and family. If you are introverted, there is a good chance that it could be because you are actually a wounded extrovert. If you are extroverted, you are a highly sensitive extrovert. You have had unexplainable spiritual or religious experiences in your lifein which you were exposed to the truth about the universe and why we are alive in it.

You can intuit immediate judgments about people that almost always turn out to be correct. You never trust what you are told, or what you see on the surface — you trust what you feel.

This applies to everything from jobs to partners. You have very strong reactions whenever something is going wrong.Are your gut instincts always right? Do you often know what other people are about to say? Can you come up with answers to questions without really thinking about it? It allows you to know something is real or will be, though you have no logical explanation to back up this idea. Want to know more about the other Psychic Abilities?

Learn all about these super cool gifts in our articles about clairvoyanceclairaudienceand clairsentience. Think of information and facts that seem to be downloaded into awareness or perceptions and insights regarding people and circumstances.

Often, this takes the form of a strong sense of knowing, or an inspired idea. For example, you immediately know when someone is lying or not to be trusted or you just know that you have to apply for that job.

Claircognizant messages often come like a light bulb illuminating suddenly within your head and can be gone like a flash. They appear very random and at times when you are working, watching TV, running, or otherwise, doing something completely unrelated to it. Although claircognizant messages can be annoying — especially when they warn you about people or tell you to watch out — they provide you with a lot of insights and information.

claircognizant empath

It can be difficult to recognize the difference between having a thought and claircognizance because there is a fine line between them. Our minds often have repetitive thoughts and are invested in keeping us safe and hidden.

Yet, these thoughts and instincts are not always right, contrary to claircognizant messages. People with claircognizance are able to know things consistently without any evidence whatsoever.

Curious if you are gifted with this cool ability? We all have instincts. They come from the way we were raised, past experiences, genetically or from spiritual connections.

This is what makes claircognizance such a gift of truth to those who possess it. Claircognizant people just know not to go that party, accept that too good to be true offer, get on that plane, or trust that really nice lady, without having a logical explanation for their feelings.

Do people see you as a human lie detector? Can you often suss out when people are being dishonest, even when everyone else is fooled? People with claircognizance have a nose for insincerity and almost nothing gets past them. Even when someone is simply being insincere with his or her sentiments or expressions of emotion, someone with claircognizance is able to notice these insincerities. This makes it easy for the people in your life to trust your suggestions or ideas about people.

Do you have seemingly random thoughts or ideas that may end up preventing you or your loved ones from very real consequences or repercussions? Then you may have the gift of claircognizance.Bev likes to explore and question everything. Especially the fascinating topics of human relationships, tarot, and the psychic realm. As a species, we have five senses that we rely on: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Yet we have four more senses to supplement those. Clear knowing is a mind skill.

Whereas clairsentience is a feeling skill. They may produce the same result but the process is a little different. Both are manifestations of your intuition in action. Yet if you are person who relies a lot on claircognizance you may have the following traits:. I read tarot cards. I love that they are both very simple yet hold layers of meaning. I love that they interact. And I love that they tell stories. It does feel like intuition, yet the message from the cards come into my mind in one of two ways: either as a memory or situation from my own life or as a flash of instant knowing.

Even if the thought seems unrelated to the reading, I have to say what comes into my mind. Those flashes and memory-joggers are accurate every time. An active, engaged brain is the key to developing clear knowing. Practicing mental skills such as playing word and arithmetic games. Guessing games, too, are useful. Another method of connecting with your skill is to practice automatic writing. Best done with pen and paper, sit quietly in a relaxed state.

It usually takes several practice sessions before you get into the zone of consciousness that enables automatic writing to happen.Have you ever watched the movie The Sixth Sense? If so, chances are you may know a little bit about extrasensory perception. While The Sixth Sense is a fictional story, there are many real people who have these abilities.

It may not be exactly the same as the little boy in the movie, but people called claircognizant empaths do exist.

claircognizant empath

We use our five senses every day: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. These emit information to our brains allowing us to navigate life, enjoying all of the little pleasures along the way. A claircognizant, though, possesses psychic abilities beyond these physical senses. Claircognizant empaths access an intuitive state of inner-knowing. They have an innate, more profound feeling about things. This gift will aid you with an ability to absorb knowledge on a level a non-claircognizant person cannot.

It may be because your crown chakra is wide open. This binds you to a higher consciousness, where psychic energies and forces travel through. The first step in your claircognizance journey is recognizing and embracing your abilities. Here are some signs that you may be prone to having claircognizance experiences:.

One will have an immediate notion of clarity or transparency about an idea or thought. This lateralization could play a part in whether you possess claircognizant abilities. Right-brained individuals will likely succeed in creative and artistic endeavors.

How we speak and visuospatial processing would also fall under this category. On the other hand, left-brained people think more laterally, excelling in things like mathematics and logic. Left brained people are more likely to be claircognizant than right brained people.

Do you feel as though you were born with a natural curiosity about the world? This could play out as an instinctive urge to analyze or deconstruct things, from simple matters to larger, more complex problems.This discussion is to look at some information about Claircognizance, which is one of the Clair abilities: clairvoyanceclairaudienceclairalienceclairsentienceand clairgustance.

So lets start with some basic information and move deeper into it from there. It is an inner feeling, gut feeling, something which is just known. They have an ability to answer questions and back them up with facts; when before they did not know anything. For claircognizants, their higher self or spirit guides put information in the form of thought into their mind. It can be smaller insights about people and situations here and there. It can be an inspired idea.

You May Be Claircognizant if…. You may know who is on the phone before you answer it or know personal things about people you just met. You just know something, although you may not know why or how you know it. Examples Of Claircognizance. And when you look in the place you find it. There is no rhyme or reason for this either. Automatic Writingwhich is the process or production of writing material that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer, is another example of Claircognizance.

Someone asks you a question, of which you have no foreknowledge, and the information simply comes to you out of the blue. You can simply see it in your head and share it with others. And when you try it, you can see the process and the pattern all the way to the completed project in your mind as you work, even without instructions. Understanding the keys, even without understanding how to read music or having instruction in the piano, and being able to play the song simply happen.

Some More Basic Information. Some people believe Claircognizance is given to us by spirit guides, angels, or through contact with ones own higher self.

Another place people assert that this information is taken from is called the Akashic Records.

claircognizant empath

The Akashic Records is a term used in theosophy to describe a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These records are described to contain all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos.

This simply means that the people who tend to have this ability tend to see a topic in analytical terms, and can break these things down into step by step instructions, without being instructed in them.

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